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LAST CHANCE: Purchase your Ring Guards this week for a shot at 50% back!

September 4, 2018

What a fantastic opening weekend of college football, especially the 50+ point win by the Aggies at Kyle Field. This weekend, the stakes are being raised, and all of us at Montelongo’s Fine Jewelry CANNOT. WAIT.

Congrats to everyone who jumped on the special offer early, you’re going to get at least 20 percent back on your Ring Guard purchase, and since this weekend is such a huge event in Aggieland, Montelongo’s has decided to continue our offer for anyone who wants a shot at getting 50 PERCENT BACK with a win against No. 2 Clemson!

Since the first game has come and gone, the 20 percent offer is no longer available. But if the Ags win just one more game, you’ll still get 50% cash back, and if they start the season with a perfect 4-0 record, knocking off the top two teams in the country, you can still get 100% of your purchase price back!

“We were thrilled to see so many people get at least 20 percent back after the first week’s game,” said Montelongo’s Fine Jewelry CEO, Jesse Montelongo. “We are hopeful that continuing this promotion will have the same impact in football this weekend that it had during March Madness against North Carolina. Not many people outside of Aggieland gave us a shot in that game either, but we hope to be celebrating with at least 50 percent back next week!”

Montelongo says that with Ring Day set for the same weekend as the Alabama game, he hopes to be able to give away a ton of free Ring Guard sets that following week, which means his Aggies have shocked the college football world over the next few weeks.

For more details, please visit the Montelongo’s show room on University Drive, or call us at (979) 691-2019.


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